Thursday, September 24, 2009

What to do and where to go in Santiago


Now I am going to talk about different things and places to go while you are in Santiago.

A foreigner should visit, first of all, Plaza de armas because in this place are so many historic builds like to post office, cathedral, precolombino's museum and so many other. So near of Plaza de armas is the La Moneda palace, the government's house, the Cerro San Cristóbal and Cerro Santa Lucía. Also, a tourist should go to Fine Arts Museum for see the different pictures there are.

A tourist should do, after visit the different places, eat the typical food and drink the typical drinking like to pisco, etc. Also, try to go to parties and night activity; if the tourist is a family, they should go to Quinta Normal Park and ride a boat in the artificial lake.
In Santiago the tourist can know the city on a bicycle.

In my list of thing that you should do/go in Santiago are:
1. Go the historic places
2. Eat the typical food and drink the typical drinking
3. Go to Quinta Normal Park
4. Go to different parties on the night
5. Know Santiago on Bicycle!!

I talked yet about the historic places in Santiago, about what buildings are. About Quinta Normal Park, you can go and do so many things, like to ride a bote, go to the natural historical museum, ride on small toy's car or just be on the glass with the trees!!!! And of course ride and know the city on the bicycle! You can do the bicycle tourist near the Fine Art museum, in the centre of the city and go to Parque Forestal, a park by a Mapocho river.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Avant Garnt

Honestly I don't know so much about the "traditional" avang garden, so I am going to talk about the avang garden film or called to "experimental film". In this semester I have a class about this subject and I like so much, because it's so different in relation with the typical films ("naturalism"), like to the Hollywood’s films.
This kind of films use formal technical more expressive, for make a sensation into the spectators, like to worry, sad, disconcert, etc; it's focus in the aesthetics and doesn’t focus in the story line or with a screenplay.
I don’t know a specific artist on this kind of films, but there is a director connected with this kind of films, called David Lynch. Lynch make films so strange for so much people, because his films don’t have the traditional story line. He has films where he plays with the image and the temporal line; play with the past, present and dreams. Also, he uses technical strange in relation with the realism films, for make different sensations. Sometimes we can lose in the films, because we don’t understand the scene. One films I like so much is “Mullholland Drive”, I had to watch it for one class and try to make psychoanalysis, well, something like that. He has a short film so good, called “rabbits” and it’s so strange and distressing.

Here you can see Rabbits.