Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello I am going to write about about the different challenges between art history and other areas, like to technology, social matters, education.

Art and technology are in relation now, for example, in the films or photography or even exist installations with different technology things for interaction with the spectator. For example in the bienal de video arte in to MAC (Museo de arte contemporáneo) there was a piece very funny. It was a scream where was jumping a girl and on the floor was a little platform where you have to jump in the same time that the little girl, because if you do it your image appear jumping in the scream; it was very funny and interesting.

Art and social matters are so close. Different artist try to make piece of art that show the social matter, for example, social problems, injustice and all kind of situation. The problem is, I think, that the social art can be domesticated easily and finish in a wall for decorated a house. And, a other problem is, no all people understand the piece of art, for example, a piece of art can express different kind social matters but no one see them in the painting –for example.

Art and education. Art can be use for the education, for example, in the school for little kind. The art improve different skills in the children, like to motor function or even for understand the world in a different way. Different studies say that the art make children happier and more “intelligent”, because usually they have good qualifications.

In all this areas exist different challenges, like to improve the art education, or with the social art that need to let know to the other people different kind of things or with the technology. Art and technology need to so close and near with the people, because no all people are comfortable with “technology art” and see something so bad and horrible, just because the like more the typical figurative art… Maybe all need more art education for see all this different areas with other perspective.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am going to talk about the sects. I think the sects are appealing for the people because, like the religion, they can find meaning about the world and make an own world. Thanks to this believe the people can find a way for theirs life and have a explanation about the different situation about the world; the believe moves the world and the people.
I don’t think the sects are a threat for the society or the world, but the sect’s people –like to the religion’s people- must have tolerance with all people, even if they don’t share theirs believes. The fanatics, usually, are people with a mind so close that doesn’t respect the other believes.

I have never been in a sect, but I know that there are so many in the big religion, like to Jewish (even there are jewish laypeople) or Islam (there are a lot of different may to understand the islam). So, in fact, the sects are a thing so typical –like to the big religions-. I think that is so necessary –for the believers- remember that Christianity started like to a sect –even there was a lot of different Christianity sects-… So I think that the rejection to the sects it’s for the ignorance of the people and because the Catholic Church did that we have bad thinking about them.

I know two people that are in different sect. One of them, actually, has been in a lot of sect like to “rosa cruz” and others; it’s like a need for belonging. The other guy is in Christianity sect, but ancient Christianity… he is in this sect “thanks” to his family.

So, I don’t like the religions neither the sect, but I don’t think that are bad but in sometime makes close mind people.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your faculty

Faculty of art needs a lot of new things, like to more money. This faculty is so poor. We can see this in the building, because this faculty is destroying. The faculty of art is at campus juan gomez millas and there are a lot of different carrier and other faculties, like to social science, science. I love this campus, but the general building is awfull because all is fulling down, nothing are working on, and all the erraends are so slow. I hate this situation.

The library in this faculty of art is a shame, because it's look like a poor classroom; even the doors don’t work!!!

Honestly I don't understand why the buildings are like that! But I don't think just because they don't have money.

The good thing of this faculty and this campus, is that there are a lot of diversity, there are people from all places of Santiago, all religions, all kind of people, etc. also, there are a lot of university life, with different seminaries, parties, and activities. But (always there is a “but”), are different details that don’t work, like a notebook , or the grass (honestly we DON’T have it).

If the university fix all the campus and the faculty, we will have a university life more pleasant; we could be sit down on the grass with the trees and its shade all will be perfect. Of course, if we would have a good computers for work and a perfect library, all will be better!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What to do and where to go in Santiago


Now I am going to talk about different things and places to go while you are in Santiago.

A foreigner should visit, first of all, Plaza de armas because in this place are so many historic builds like to post office, cathedral, precolombino's museum and so many other. So near of Plaza de armas is the La Moneda palace, the government's house, the Cerro San Cristóbal and Cerro Santa Lucía. Also, a tourist should go to Fine Arts Museum for see the different pictures there are.

A tourist should do, after visit the different places, eat the typical food and drink the typical drinking like to pisco, etc. Also, try to go to parties and night activity; if the tourist is a family, they should go to Quinta Normal Park and ride a boat in the artificial lake.
In Santiago the tourist can know the city on a bicycle.

In my list of thing that you should do/go in Santiago are:
1. Go the historic places
2. Eat the typical food and drink the typical drinking
3. Go to Quinta Normal Park
4. Go to different parties on the night
5. Know Santiago on Bicycle!!

I talked yet about the historic places in Santiago, about what buildings are. About Quinta Normal Park, you can go and do so many things, like to ride a bote, go to the natural historical museum, ride on small toy's car or just be on the glass with the trees!!!! And of course ride and know the city on the bicycle! You can do the bicycle tourist near the Fine Art museum, in the centre of the city and go to Parque Forestal, a park by a Mapocho river.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Avant Garnt

Honestly I don't know so much about the "traditional" avang garden, so I am going to talk about the avang garden film or called to "experimental film". In this semester I have a class about this subject and I like so much, because it's so different in relation with the typical films ("naturalism"), like to the Hollywood’s films.
This kind of films use formal technical more expressive, for make a sensation into the spectators, like to worry, sad, disconcert, etc; it's focus in the aesthetics and doesn’t focus in the story line or with a screenplay.
I don’t know a specific artist on this kind of films, but there is a director connected with this kind of films, called David Lynch. Lynch make films so strange for so much people, because his films don’t have the traditional story line. He has films where he plays with the image and the temporal line; play with the past, present and dreams. Also, he uses technical strange in relation with the realism films, for make different sensations. Sometimes we can lose in the films, because we don’t understand the scene. One films I like so much is “Mullholland Drive”, I had to watch it for one class and try to make psychoanalysis, well, something like that. He has a short film so good, called “rabbits” and it’s so strange and distressing.

Here you can see Rabbits.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am going to talk about transantiago, the system of public transportation en Santiago. I think that transantiago is so much better than the last public transportation. It doesn't mean transantiago is the BETTER system in the world, obviously doesn't. With transantiago there are not, in first place, races on the street and now we can pay with a target calls bip.
With transantiago I have had a good experience, but, in all case, I hate the public transportation. It's so disgusting and unpleasant travel in bus, the people; I hate to have to wait the bus, all of this.
When transantiago started I was on the beach, so I don’t know so well how was on the begin but I have the lucky that I can to take a bus around the corner and go to the subway and go everywhere. I know in the begin transantiago wasn’t a good system, because, for example, in someplace the bus wasn’t arrive or the bus was absolutely full. All of this situation can not be accept, because so many people use it for go to the work or whatever.
I think transantiago have two things so good: first, we use the bip and, for that, the drivers don’t have money that could be still; the second thing is that we don’t have races on Santiago.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Education in Chile

I am going to talk about the university traditional education in Chile. First I start with the public education or the traditional education. After that I talk about the private university in chile. Finally I refer about the education in chile in relation with Latin America.
Right now in Chile there are a lot of universities, traditional and private. The older university in this country is Universidad de Chile - UCH-. This institution is 168 years old, I think. Also, there are PUC - Pontificie universidad Católica-, is so older too; this university there is the most important university in the country.
In so many national ranking the best universities there are UCH and PUC; in some ranking UCH is in first place and PUC in second placer or PUC in first place and UCH in second place.
Also the traditional universities there are private universities, and they are so new, for example, are 25 or 30 years old and there aren't the best universities in relation with the traditional universities.
Well, the high education in Chile, in relation with other high education in Latin America, has been ranked in so good place. The universidad de chile is in the 4th place on the best universities in latin america.
Personally, I think that the universidad de chile is the best high education in the country, in relation with the others universities, and one of the best universities in Latin-American.