Sunday, May 31, 2009

My best Friend

I'm going to talk about my best friend, her name is Eva Balagué. I knew her when we were at the school, but really we met in the English institute. We met six years ago, when we was 14 years old. We have many things in common, like to talk stupid thing, make funny words for us, laugh, go to eat and talk about us, we live so near. So we have different thing, like to she is Christian and i don't believe in him, but we still be friends, but really we have more in common than differences. Unfortunately now, for the university, we don't have so much time for do thing together, but we still in contact, all time.
I like from her that, when we are together, we talk and do thing so funny, laugh all time and we are confident, and we are crazy.
We do many things together. We go to the cinema, to eat, to buy stupid thing, go to the beach on the summer, and once we went to rode on bicycle.
Honestly we have never a fallen out.
We have so many experiences. One experience is so many funny. When we was in the last year on the school, we and other friends went to my beach's house, and the first night we was in the balcony and the door closed, so we stayed outside the house without keys. Finally, I had to break the windows for come in on the house.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My favourite web site.

I’m going to tell about my favourite web site.
My favourite web site is facebook; I like facebook because I can connect with all my friend and family. The funniest thing is when people upload photograph of to parties or someplace. Also you can label to friends on photographer and comment. Other quality is upload videos or link of a video from youtube or something like that. In this videos or link that you upload in facebook, you can comment too. All time I make photograph’s album with funny pictures, for example, yesterday I uploaded picture to “sponge bob square” and I labelled to my friend on there.
Well, I knew facebook when I friend sent me an invitation into my e-mail. I don’t remember who it was. At the first, I didn’t understand the web site, but when I started to ‘play’ and adding friends in to my list, I understood it.
Now, I see my facebook all dais for have news from to my friends and family.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

I had to upload this video, is absolutly cool; when I saw it just I loved it.
This movie was made by Svankmajer in 1988.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Really, I don't have a favorite piece of technology but now I want to learn to use my digital camera. I couldn't learn to use it 'cause I forgot that I had it in the summer and when I wanted to use it my battery charger didn’t work ): But now the battery charger is fixed and I have to learn how I can use it.

This digital camera was a chrismas' present the last year but I used it just one time.
Well I'm not good using a digital camera, so my life without one would be like my life is now. But I want to learn and I have to remember how to use the camera to have pictures of every funny time with my friends; it's so funny when I see friends' photographs to the parties and myself. With these photographs I can remember old funny times and laughs.
So I have to use the digital camera.