Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello I am going to write about about the different challenges between art history and other areas, like to technology, social matters, education.

Art and technology are in relation now, for example, in the films or photography or even exist installations with different technology things for interaction with the spectator. For example in the bienal de video arte in to MAC (Museo de arte contemporáneo) there was a piece very funny. It was a scream where was jumping a girl and on the floor was a little platform where you have to jump in the same time that the little girl, because if you do it your image appear jumping in the scream; it was very funny and interesting.

Art and social matters are so close. Different artist try to make piece of art that show the social matter, for example, social problems, injustice and all kind of situation. The problem is, I think, that the social art can be domesticated easily and finish in a wall for decorated a house. And, a other problem is, no all people understand the piece of art, for example, a piece of art can express different kind social matters but no one see them in the painting –for example.

Art and education. Art can be use for the education, for example, in the school for little kind. The art improve different skills in the children, like to motor function or even for understand the world in a different way. Different studies say that the art make children happier and more “intelligent”, because usually they have good qualifications.

In all this areas exist different challenges, like to improve the art education, or with the social art that need to let know to the other people different kind of things or with the technology. Art and technology need to so close and near with the people, because no all people are comfortable with “technology art” and see something so bad and horrible, just because the like more the typical figurative art… Maybe all need more art education for see all this different areas with other perspective.