Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am going to talk about transantiago, the system of public transportation en Santiago. I think that transantiago is so much better than the last public transportation. It doesn't mean transantiago is the BETTER system in the world, obviously doesn't. With transantiago there are not, in first place, races on the street and now we can pay with a target calls bip.
With transantiago I have had a good experience, but, in all case, I hate the public transportation. It's so disgusting and unpleasant travel in bus, the people; I hate to have to wait the bus, all of this.
When transantiago started I was on the beach, so I don’t know so well how was on the begin but I have the lucky that I can to take a bus around the corner and go to the subway and go everywhere. I know in the begin transantiago wasn’t a good system, because, for example, in someplace the bus wasn’t arrive or the bus was absolutely full. All of this situation can not be accept, because so many people use it for go to the work or whatever.
I think transantiago have two things so good: first, we use the bip and, for that, the drivers don’t have money that could be still; the second thing is that we don’t have races on Santiago.


  1. it´s not a bad system but still many thing to be best.

  2. i agree with the thing about the bip target, that makes the work of drivers a little bit easier .

  3. You take a good attitude with the transantiago and i'm agree with you in the advantages, but it still being a unpleasant system that can be better.

  4. I hate to have to wait the bus too!!!
    i really hate to wait but the sistem is not bad logic has much to improve

  5. Maybe the real problem is the distribution of the city, and the distribution of our country to much centralize