Thursday, August 13, 2009

Education in Chile

I am going to talk about the university traditional education in Chile. First I start with the public education or the traditional education. After that I talk about the private university in chile. Finally I refer about the education in chile in relation with Latin America.
Right now in Chile there are a lot of universities, traditional and private. The older university in this country is Universidad de Chile - UCH-. This institution is 168 years old, I think. Also, there are PUC - Pontificie universidad Católica-, is so older too; this university there is the most important university in the country.
In so many national ranking the best universities there are UCH and PUC; in some ranking UCH is in first place and PUC in second placer or PUC in first place and UCH in second place.
Also the traditional universities there are private universities, and they are so new, for example, are 25 or 30 years old and there aren't the best universities in relation with the traditional universities.
Well, the high education in Chile, in relation with other high education in Latin America, has been ranked in so good place. The universidad de chile is in the 4th place on the best universities in latin america.
Personally, I think that the universidad de chile is the best high education in the country, in relation with the others universities, and one of the best universities in Latin-American.


  1. I'm very agree with you, James. I think UCH it's the better university in Chile because it's pluralist. Open minds, the principal way to make a better country!
    Best regards!

  2. I had no idea of thatinformation about our university, is good to know that we are in a good place.

  3. the UCH rock's jejeje
    really, I think that this university is very good, altough it could be better

  4. Yes, that's right, it's an open mind university and there is a good point to stay here not?
    But not all is rose-colored darling... We must going to fill of colours and discussions and plurality our dull faculty haha

  5. the university of chile it's the best jejeje.
    but we need a lot of things.