Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am going to talk about the sects. I think the sects are appealing for the people because, like the religion, they can find meaning about the world and make an own world. Thanks to this believe the people can find a way for theirs life and have a explanation about the different situation about the world; the believe moves the world and the people.
I don’t think the sects are a threat for the society or the world, but the sect’s people –like to the religion’s people- must have tolerance with all people, even if they don’t share theirs believes. The fanatics, usually, are people with a mind so close that doesn’t respect the other believes.

I have never been in a sect, but I know that there are so many in the big religion, like to Jewish (even there are jewish laypeople) or Islam (there are a lot of different may to understand the islam). So, in fact, the sects are a thing so typical –like to the big religions-. I think that is so necessary –for the believers- remember that Christianity started like to a sect –even there was a lot of different Christianity sects-… So I think that the rejection to the sects it’s for the ignorance of the people and because the Catholic Church did that we have bad thinking about them.

I know two people that are in different sect. One of them, actually, has been in a lot of sect like to “rosa cruz” and others; it’s like a need for belonging. The other guy is in Christianity sect, but ancient Christianity… he is in this sect “thanks” to his family.

So, I don’t like the religions neither the sect, but I don’t think that are bad but in sometime makes close mind people.


  1. Do you really know a 'rosecrucian'? (I don't know if I spelled it rightly)

  2. I think that you know a lot of this topic, i don´t know very much. Good for you

  3. near to my home is an Judaism school. I was surprised because I always walk by that street and I had never so them, the children are very little, is quite funny.

  4. Why are you so interest in sects anyway?? maybe you are part of one but you don't tell us...

  5. you are very interested in religion mmm... it's really suspicius... maybe you are the demon ajajaja
    see you!