Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your faculty

Faculty of art needs a lot of new things, like to more money. This faculty is so poor. We can see this in the building, because this faculty is destroying. The faculty of art is at campus juan gomez millas and there are a lot of different carrier and other faculties, like to social science, science. I love this campus, but the general building is awfull because all is fulling down, nothing are working on, and all the erraends are so slow. I hate this situation.

The library in this faculty of art is a shame, because it's look like a poor classroom; even the doors don’t work!!!

Honestly I don't understand why the buildings are like that! But I don't think just because they don't have money.

The good thing of this faculty and this campus, is that there are a lot of diversity, there are people from all places of Santiago, all religions, all kind of people, etc. also, there are a lot of university life, with different seminaries, parties, and activities. But (always there is a “but”), are different details that don’t work, like a notebook , or the grass (honestly we DON’T have it).

If the university fix all the campus and the faculty, we will have a university life more pleasant; we could be sit down on the grass with the trees and its shade all will be perfect. Of course, if we would have a good computers for work and a perfect library, all will be better!!


  1. i agree with you - there are serial problems with the art building - but what can we do !

  2. I agree with you in the structural aspect, but i love this faculty just like it is.

  3. The faculty need some fix but I love it.

  4. I agree with you this faculty need some things..... but we have the grass!!!!! and we can drink a lot of beer in it!!!!!!

  5. yes...i like the relaxing side of this university